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Orthodontics For All Ages - Kids, Teens, Adults

You Can Benefit From Braces At Any Age! It’s Never Too Early Nor Too Late……..

Come, em-Brace Your Smile!

Trusted Advanced Orthodontic Clinic in Bangalore

Experienced and Highly Skilled Orthodontist

Dr. Jnanesha has 11 years of experience post MDS, along with experience of working abroad for 4 years

Full Time Availability of the Orthodontist

Flexible Appointment Scheduling is an added advantage to our patients

Dental braces at affordable price

Our treatment charges are very reasonable. Visit us for a free consultation to know about the charges

Advanced Technology Instrument & Practices

We are equipped with the most advanced latest technology to deliver the best resultsWith new technology, we can perform dental procedures more effectively and efficiently, reducing treatment and recovery time and hence, achieving accurate results

Patient Centric Treatment Approach

We give detailed attention to individual problems, jaw size discrepancy, midline correction, tooth size and arch size discrepancy, teeth alignment and leveling, profile and symmetry of the face and dental arches to ensure optimum function and aesthetics.

Best International Standard Sterilization

Each instrument undergoes a thorough cleaning, drying, packing and sterilization by B class autoclave at 121 degree Celsius to 134 degree Celsius to ensure hygiene maintenance and to prevent cross infection.

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Excel Dental Care,Bangalore

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Dental Laser

he dental lasers reduces the pain and discomfiture during braces. After each braces activation session, we give laser therapy for the patients to reduce pain, discomfort and hasten the treatment effectively.

This state-of-the-art laser – BIOLASE X is available at advance orthodontic centre for dental braces and Invisalign, a unit of Excel Dental Clinic.

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Fast Orthodontic Treatment

It is a groundbreaking technology in Orthodontics. With just 20 minutes of use every day, it can almost reduce your Orthodontic Treatment time by 40-50%.

The Acceledent is a portable hands-free device consisting of a mouthpiece that is connected to an activator.

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