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All About Ceramic Braces

At Excel Dental Care, Ceramic braces are the most preferred and popular choice of orthodontic treatment modality among patients. These tooth-colored braces have gained popularity among teens and adults because they blend in with the tooth color, thus making it less obvious.

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Ceramic Braces- Tooth coloured braces

Why Choose Ceramic Braces?

They are Tooth Coloured Braces

Esthetically more pleasing than Metal Braces

They are stain resistant

Available as mono crystalline and poly crystalline ceramic brackets

Mono crystalline is more translucent and aesthetic

Archwires used are Ni-Ti, TMA and SS wires

Arch wires with epoxy coating is available which makes it less visible

Ceramic braces are less unnoticeable

Suitable for teens and adults who prefer braces to be discreet

The New Generation of Beauty - Ceramic Braces

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Makes wonders in the correction of orthodontic problems

ceramic vs metal

The difference is CLEAR

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Make a clear choice....

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Ceramic Brackets with Metal Archwire

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Ceramic brackets with epoxy coated archwire

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They match your teeth colour


Mono Crystalline Ceramic Braces




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More about Ceramic Braces...

What is the cost of Ceramic Braces in Bangalore ?

The cost of Ceramic Braces is reasonable. The cost depends on the type of Ceramic Braces (the type of brackets and archwire) you choose.

How long does the treatment with Ceramic Braces take?

At our Clinic, we have an In-house Orthodontist who takes special care to finish your treatment quickly, in the estimated treatment time.

How frequently should i visit the clinic for the orthodontic appointments?

You need to visit us once a month for the activation of teeth movement.

However, you can visit us every 2 weeks; if you desire the treatment to be done within a short span of time, due to your time constraint/ other engagements.

How should i take care of my ceramic braces?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the best you can do to take good care of your orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces.

We do give instructions regarding food habits, oral hygiene maintenance, regular visits for appointments which plays a vital role in managing your ceramic braces.

What if I miss the appointment?

At Excel Dental Care, Bangalore we have an IN-HOUSE Orthodontist who is available FULL TIME who will help you reschedule your appointment at your convenient time.

At Excel Dental Care, Bangalore scheduling appointment is FLEXIBLE and HASSLE FREE.

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