Invisalign® Treatment

No Brackets, No Wires, No Change in Lifestyle; Live Your Life on your own terms.


At our Advanced Orthodontic and Invisalign Centre, we provide clear aligners to our valued patients to address multiple orthodontic concerns like overlapped, irregularly placed teeth, or t gaps between teeth. Invisalign braces are comfortable, removable and clear, it will give you a perfect smile without interfering in your lifestyle.

Our Chief Orthodontist, Dr.Jnanesha H C is a certified Invisalign provider.

Invasalign Clear Braces

Discover the Benefits of Invisalign/Clear Aligners

No Change In Lifestyle

Less Visits To Orthodontist

No Pain/Discomfort

Predictable Treatment

No Wires and Brackets!

No Metal Allergies

No Restriction In Food Habits

Custom Made

Aligners are Removable

Invisalign Journey



Dr.Jnanesha H C, Orthodontist,certified INVISALIGN provider, will address your concern, and discuss in detail about Invisalign. Required diagnostic records, photographs, dental impressions,x-rays will be taken.
itero scan for Invisalign at Excel Dental Care, Bangalore


3D Scan of your teeth will be done using ITERO Scanner at our Invisalign centre, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Followed by uploading the Invisalign prescription form. It will take 1-2 working days to obtain Clin-chek.
Clin chek for clear braces


CLIN-CHEK: Preview of treatment progress and changes from Day 1 till the end of treatment will be shown in a virtual set up. Any modifications required in the treatment plan will be considered again at this stage.
Aligner sets


Each set of Aligners have to be worn continuously for 2 weeks, followed by the next set of Aligners.3-4 sets of Aligners will be given at each visit. You need to visit us to monitor the results every 6-8 weeks.

Fasten your Invisalign treatment with Acceledent


This depends on the severity of the malalignment. The number of Aligner sets required will be decided during the treatment plan. The treatment can be fastened with the use of ACCELEDENT.


On achieving the final, desired result with Clear Aligners, we give you an invisible Retainer as stabilizing the final outcome of the treatment is an integral part of the treatment protocol.
we create beautiful smile

Everything You Would Like To Know About Invisalign- All Your Queries are Answered

What is the cost of Invisalign in Bangalore ?

The cost for Invisalign depends on the severity of malalignment of teeth. Visit us for a Free Consultation to know the exact charges.

Invisalign VS Braces

Features:       INVISALIGN                       OTHER BRACES
 LIFESTYLE No changes in lifestyle required Lifestyle modifications may be necessary for the maintenance of braces
DIET/ FOOD HABITS No changes in Diet / Food habits Foods to avoid: sticky food, chewing gums, pizza, caramel, hard food, biting on the bone, corn on the cob, fruits, and raw vegetables have to be cut into small pieces to prevent breakage of the brackets
TYPE  Removable Fixed
VISIBILITY virtually Invisible.No one can make out you are wearing braces Evidently visible.


No brackets. No wires Brackets and wires are an integral part of the metal, ceramic and lingual braces
PAIN Minimal pain/discomfort Mild to moderate pain/ discomfort
ULCERS No ulcers Ulcers may occur due to the brackets and wires impinging on the soft tissue
Color Aligners are transparent Colour of the braces is stainless steel color (metal ) or tooth-colored ( ceramic)
 MAINTENANCE Oral hygiene maintenance is very easy as the aligners are removable.  Oral hygiene maintenance has to be prudent and meticulous as the brackets are bonded on the teeth. Improper brushing results in caries, calculus, and gingival problems
FOLLOW-UP VISITS Longer intervals between appointment. Visit to the orthodontist is for every 6-8 weeks Visit to the orthodontist is every month. Every 3-4 weeks visit is mandatory
COST Cost of Invisalign is more compared to the other braces. Cost of fixed braces is Reasonable.
compare Invisalign with other braces

Dr.Jnanesha H C – Advanced Orthodontic center for Dental Braces and Invisalign, Bangalore

Does Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth?

YES. Crooked teeth can be well aligned and leveled efficiently with this latest advancement in orthodontics.

Can i do Invisalign treatment only for the upper teeth/lower teeth?

Yes. It is possible.This will be decided at the time of consultation.

Are Invisalign aligner sets custom made for individuals?

Definitely YES. They are precisely customized and fabricated for each individual using the 3D intraoral scan, Align Technology, stereolithography and Computer-aided manufacturing.

Is Invisalign painful?

No/least pain/discomfort among the other braces

Is there any age restriction for Invisalign treatment?

NO. You can benefit from Invisalign at any age!

What if the aligner is lost or broken?

No worries. We can replace your aligner in 2-3 weeks time.

I reside in abroad. Can i start my Invisalign treatment in Bangalore?

Yes. In that case, we will give you the full set of aligners.

What is IPR?

IPR is Inter Proximal Reduction, is a procedure done to gain space between the teeth to facilitate the orthodontic treatment. Space will be eventually closed in the course of the treatment.

What are the homecare instructions?

  • Each set of aligners is designed to be replaced after approximately 2 weeks of 20-22 hours of wear per day, with the next set
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the aligners
  • Rinse aligners with cold / room temperature water prior to using them
  • Aligners should be cleaned at least twice daily using a soft-bristled toothbrush with water and a small amount of toothpaste
  • Do not use denture cleaners or any mouthwash to clean aligners. These will damage the surface of aligners
  • Aligners should be removed while eating and drinking (except for cold/room temperature water)
  • keep the aligners away from hot water and harsh chemicals

Will it affect or alter my speech?

Initially, temporarily for 1 WEEK, it will affect speech and may result in a lisp.

The speech disturbance will absolutely disappear within one or two weeks of the start of Invisalign treatment

Can i smoke wearing the clear aligners?

No. It will stain the aligners.

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