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About Lingual Braces

Dr.Jnanesha H C, Chief Orthodontist at Advanced Orthodontic Centre for Dental Braces and Invisalign, is Certified in the Lingual Braces- Incognito.

Dr. Jnanesha H C regularly updates his skills and knowledge to embrace and adapt breakthrough advances in Modern Orthodontics. This advancement in dental practice assures patients with orthodontic problems to smile confidently with HIDDEN braces.

Invisible braces
Lingual Braces-Hidden Braces

All About Lingual Braces !!

They are Invisible Braces.They are Hidden Braces

Is bonded to the back surface of teeth, making it unnoticeable

Suitable for all age groups

The ONLY 100% customized,invisible FIXED Orthodontic Braces system

Individually designed and created just for you – CUSTOM MADE

Predictable Treatment. Accurate Results. Happy Patients.

Duration of treatment depends on the age of the patient, severity of malocclusion etc.

Great patient comfort due to extremely flat design of brackets, compared to other braces

We use 2 types of lingual braces: Incognito from 3M Unitek and STB brackets from Ormco

Glimpses of Lingual braces


Incognito- Hidden braces

smile dental


live your life with no regrets


Crowded or Overlapped teeth

It makes wonders in the correction of

lingual braces

Features of Hidden Braces

braces not so visible

Braces placed @ back surface of tooth

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What is the cost of Lingual Braces?

The cost of Lingual Braces is slightly more than the regular fixed braces. It is beacuse, the lingual braces are the only 100% customized system of Fixed Orthodontic treatment modality.

What are the types of Lingual Braces?

At our Clinic, we use 2 types of lingual braces: Incognito from 3M Unitek and STB brackets from Ormco.

Both, deliver highly efficient and effective treatment results.

Lingual Braces vs Traditional Braces






The brackets are bonded to the back surface of the teeth, thus, making it unnoticeable. The brackets are bonded to the front surface of the teeth, it is obviously visible
It is the ONLY 100%customized system of Fixed Orthodontic treatment modality. It is not custom made.
Great patient comfort because of the Low profile bases and flat design of the brackets The brackets are relatively bigger in size
The braces aren’t seen when you smile. It gives you the confidence to smile with braces. The braces are visible when you smile.
The cost of lingual braces is higher than  any other fixed braces Metal braces/ceramic braces are reasonable

Lingual Braces Cost

Kindly walk in to know the cost of Lingual Braces-Incognito. Our easy payment options will benefit you.

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